Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3 Tier Serving Tray

This is a great idea I got from Decor It Yourself. You make your own 3 tiered serving tray using plates and cups. There are many different styles in dishware you can choose from to make it your own but I decided on black and white to go with my kitchen. You can use plates and cups you have or random ones you pick up from garage sales or thrift stores.

The supplies you will need are 3 plates in different sizes, 2 cups in different sizes, Gorilla Glue, water, tape, a pencil and a few heavy books. Be very careful when dealing with Gorilla Glue and fully read the directions before starting.

Make sure your plates and cups are clean. Take the largest plate, find the middle and mark it with a pencil. Place your larger cup and place it centered over the pencil mark. Use tape to mark a square around your cup. Pick your cup up and inside the square, get the plate damp with the water. Put a thin line of Gorilla Glue on the bottom rim of your larger cup and place it on the plate where it is marked. Place a few heavy books on top of the cup and leave for 30 minutes.

When it had securely dried, get the medium sized plate, find the middle and get it damp around the area the top rim of the largest cup will be going. Put a thin line of Gorilla Glue on the top rim of the largest cup and set the medium plate on top of it. We chose to rest it upside down so we wouldn't have to worry about glue drips.

When it has securely dried, repeat the steps to attach the second cup and the third plate. When it has finally dried, you are ready for your next get-together! Here are pics of my final product:

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