Monday, March 22, 2010

Gotta Start Somewhere!

My main reasoning for starting this blog is to have one place where all my cooking and crafting attempts could harmoniously join together. Mainly I was tired of people emailing me and asking for the recipe/directions to what I just made and now I can just give them a link! Lol But seriously, I figure if I can pull this stuff off then pretty much anyone can! I've never taken cooking lessons and my creativity in the crafting department is lacking to say the least so if you see it on here, you know it's worth a shot! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. sweet! Now I can get your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. No problem Rachel! Have fun cooking!

    Thanks Amy! :blush: Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. You are amazing! Once you put your mind to something, there is nothing you can not do! Love you!!! MOM

  4. Very Nice!Krissy ~~~A Creative Way to Share & Organize~ Enjoy!~~~You Did a Great Job! :-)
    XOXO Auntie D'JOY

  5. Thanks Mom, I hoped you'd like it!

    Thanks Aunt Deanna! I'm really excited about it!