Monday, August 15, 2011

My Daughter's Tangled Party

Note: I will post all recipes in separate blog posts!

My daughter just turned 5 and we had a Tangled party for her birthday. You see, she is convinced she is Rapunzel because we have never cut her hair. She doesn't think of me as Mother Gothel or that her hair has powers, but, in her mind, she is Rapunzel.

Now, we had a lot more planned for this party but we are a military family overseas and things take forever to get to us when we order them so, as I'm typing this 2 1/2 weeks later, the things we ordered almost a month in advance for her party, are still not here.

The first item I wanted to take care of when it came to planning was the cake. I knew I was not going to do it because of time restraints and because Eliza insisted she wanted Rapunzel's tower for her cake! So, I passed that off to a very talented friend of mine. Here is her website: She actually has the cakepops she made for my birthday party last year on her pricing page! Here is what she came up with:

I found this on a Google search and printed it out and taped it above the food table:

This punch was a hit among the kids and adults: (Sorry for the weird light in the picture)

Here was the table with the addition of Maximus' apples:

To start the party off, I printed out pictures of Rapunzel where you have to add her hair. I got the print out from here:
It's a Rapunzel activity pack that we also got the poster for our next activity.

We printed out the "Wanted" picture of Flynn and my husband copied the picture onto poster board. I had seen on other blogs that they play "Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn" but we decided to do it a little different. In the movie, the wanted posters always got Flynn's nose wrong so we decided to play "Pin the Nose on Flynn". I cut out papers and let the kids draw noses for Flynn. It was a blast and the adults got a kick out of the noses the kids drew.

Here's a close-up of the noses, lol!

Next was pinata time which is not at all Tangled related but as soon as my daughter saw it at the store she was determined to have it for her party and there was no talking her out of it! Oh well, lol.

Birthday girl with her loot!

Next was present time!

What would a Tangled party be without Rapunzel's favorite food? Hazelnut soup! Some of the kids were iffy about it but all of the adults loved it!

We also had Rapunzel's hair pasta! Notice the bow tie pasta made to look like a hair bow! The kids loved it!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Recipe posts to come later!

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