Tuesday, August 24, 2010

German Festival Food

One of my favorite things about going to the local festivals is the food! So many great things and so many things that are very not typical of festivals in the states! My favorite things to get are potato pancakes and crepes. What are some of your favorite festival foods in any part of the world?

Beer and wine are a must at a German fastival!

Roasted pig at Pig Fest in Wittlich, Germany

Cookies, candy and popcorn galore!

Not a very good picture but crepes are a fastival must for me!

Gummy candy is a staple in Germany!

Spices galore! I could have gone crazy but I controlled myself!

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  1. Really Great! Krissy~ :-)
    We have some Festivals coming up Soon~I'll be making Magic wands & doing face painting~~~Had "Okie Noodling"& The Watermelon Seed Spiten Contest"( BOTH... a Reel Hoot!!!) in OK ..it's Indian Tocos,fry bread,Turkey legs,Roasted Corn on cob, BBQ~Just for Starters ;-) ...Keep on Post-en Lv It!!! D'JOY